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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Shopaholics Anonymous

Sooooo, I accidently placed a large order today – oopsies!

The thing with seeing another facepainters kit is, well kit envy.  We are often known as tackle tarts in the trade when we like to collect new and sparkly paints, brushes etc.  Forgive me, for I too am a tackle tart and cannot resist an opportunity to buy new paints.

I also decided to buy some new pallets in order to store my paints in which will reduce setting up & packing up time, and hopefully reduce the things I carry around as now I am getting further on in my pregnancy I am finding carrying so much a little awkward.

I have ordered some my most expensive paints to date today – £17 each, eeekkk!!  Worth it though as I got to try them out yesterday at the mini jam so I know I will love them.

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