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My Kit

I am a bit – ok a lot – of a facepainting geek and I >love< my kit!  I feel this is one of the things that sets me apart from a lot of other facepainters as I invest an awful lot of money buying new paints and investigating new techniques.  I am often found doodling with paints and practicing in my spare time, just to help me to improve.  Plus I invest in a lot of training courses with the experts to enable me to grow as an artist.

As you normally do, I started with a basic snazaroo pallet and over the space of just one year, I amassed over £1000’s worth of kit.  My husband was not impressed, haha!  He doesn’t understand why you need so many different shades of pink, or blue, and all the shimmers and glitters.  Hopefully you can tell from my pictures the effects that all my kit help me to achieve – and its also even better in real life when the light catches it.

I now mainly use PartyXplosions, TAG, DFX and superstar paints as I have found these to be the most vibrant colours, with good coverage – but that still wash off easily.  I have the odd other brands as well in my kit – all of a high professional standard.

Here are some piccies of my kit.

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