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Tips for chosing a facepainter

  • Look at a portfolio of work that the facepainter has done themselves.
  • Does the facepainter uses other staff – ask to look at their portfolios as well.
  • Make sure the portfolio is not copied from Google Images.
  • Is the facepainter reliable?  Have they ever cancelled work before?
  • How many faces can the facepainter paint in one hour?
  • Are the facepaints professional quality?
  • Does the business have public liability insurance?
  • Is the facepainter CRB checked?

Here are my answers to the above questions:

  • I have a portfolio of well over 40 faces that I am practiced at.  I can do tigers, spiderman, butterflies, batman, fifi, dinosaurs, Minnie mouse, dragons, hello kitty, vampires, princesses, hulk, flowers, rainbows, snakes and many more designs.  I am more than happy to try a new face as well if I have a picture to look at for reference.
  • I  don’t use any other staff at the moment, but if this were to change in the future, they would have their own portfolio of work for you to look through.
  • I would never use an image of something that I haven’t painted myself.  Not only would it give you a false impression of how I paint; it is entirely unprofessional, dishonest and it breaks copyright laws.  I no longer use books for reference as my interpretation is different from the books.  I’m confident in my own designs, and you are welcome to look at all of them.
  • I am very reliable.  I have never, and will never cancel a party even if a more profitable opportunity arises.  I won’t ever take on work that I can’t deliver.  I don’t like turning down work.  It’s all on a first come first served basis, so please book early with me to avoid being disappointed.  I have never let anyone down due to illness so far, and hope that this will continue long in to the future.
  • Each face takes approximately 5 minutes to paint (on average), so if you are able to keep my chair filled, I will paint between 10-12 faces per hour on average.  Please bear this in mind when deciding how long to book me for.
  • All my facepaints are water-based professional paints.  I use mainly TAG, DFX & superstar paints.  After much practice, I have found these to be the more vibrant colours with a good coverage and they wash off easily too.  I have a very large selection of vibrant colours, metallics, shimmers and glitters in my ever growing collection!!
  • I have public liability insurance – covered up to 1million.  It is incredibly rare that there is ever a facepainting incident – but I have cover for your peace of mind.
  • CRB is not essential when choosing a facepainter, as the children are never left alone with the facepainter.  I have chosen to have this extra, for your own peace of mind.


As you can see – there is a lot to consider apart from price – which is no doubt one of your main concerns when you are planning and budgeting for your event.

For me, my child’s party, or my wedding; I saved money where I could comparing like for like products.

Please look at the above list and make your decisions on choosing a facepainter wisely.  You don’t want to regret the decision later.

A wise lady once told me “You may think you are getting a bargain, but be careful that you are getting what you bargained for”