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Terms & Conditions

The small print!  I decided to put together a list of things that might crop up in the world of facepainting.  It would be so much nicer to do business without a list of small print, however after being in business a little while now I feel its the best way to do things so that we are both clear on how things work.

In order to paint at an event or party, I will require a well lit area with access to 2 chairs and a table.  Camping chairs are no good; high backed chairs are ideal.  If I am to be painting outside, then I will also require shelter from the sun / rain, such as a gazebo.

I require a booking form to be completed and a deposit to be paid in order to secure your booking.  If I do not have a booking form and/or the deposit – your time slot is not secured.  From the point of initial enquiry for saving a date, I will allow 14 days for the form and deposit to be returned to me.

Booking deposits are non-refundable should you wish to cancel your booking.  If you cancel within 7 days of the booking, then the full payment will still be due.

If I should ever have to cancel your booking, then I will try to find an alternative painter.  If I am unable to, then I will return your deposit.  Please note, I have not had to cancel a booking yet and I don’t ever intend to.

If you wish to re-schedule your party, I will transfer the deposit over to a new date if we find a mutually agreeable date.  If I am unable to attend a second date due to other bookings, then the deposit will not be refunded.

Payment is due at the start of a party.  You will probably be very busy at the end, and I have been known to be waiting for over 20 minutes for payment, so to avoid this please pay me promptly.

All bookings are strictly based on first come first served basis.  I will never cancel your party even if a more profitable event arises.  It really is most helpful if you can book as early as possible.

I will arrive to your event early, and be set up and ready to paint at the time agreed.  I paint approximately 10-12 faces per hour.  Please bear this in mind when choosing how long to book me for.  I cannot paint 40 children in 2 hours.

I may have another event booked in after yours, so the time I have agreed to paint until will be the time I start packing up.  I do not like to leave children disappointed, it will be your responsibility to limit the additional guests requesting services after my booking time has ended.  If you have more guests than anticipated, and I am available after the booked hours, then I can stay on and paint for longer if you wish me to.  This will be an extra charge of £30 per hour, and will be agreed with you at the time.

If you have delayed the start time, and I over-run at the end, this is also chargeable at £30 per hour.

I can only paint people who are in my chair.  I won’t always know the children at your party and am unable to round them up.  Please help me to keep my chair filled to make the most efficient use of my time.

I try my best to paint the children in a queue order – but I am so busy concentrating on painting I cannot always follow what is happening in the queue.  Some children will wander off, some may even stay behind me where I can’t see them and therefore I might accidentally miss them out.  Some children love to stand and watch me work, so the queue can get very confusing at times.  If you are able to help out with a bit of queue control, that would be great.  If you prefer to leave the children to it, then please understand that I try my best, but occasionally might paint them ‘out of order’.

Mt kit is very precious to me!  I have over £1000’s worth of kit.  I understand how children are fascinated by it, but its a strictly ‘hands off’ affair.  I will require payment for any damages to my equipment.

I have an approximate age limit of 2 for painting children.  The younger the child is, the more sensitive their skin is and therefore the more chance there is of them having a reaction.  I also have to take in to account how well the child can sit – they must be able to sit unaided for 5 minutes.  I have been painting my friends son from when he was 20 months, but my nephew who is 28 months is not ready yet.

I will not paint anybody who is unwilling.  This includes being asleep.  I paint adults as well if time allows, but I will not paint anyone who is intoxicated, offensive or violent.  I won’t paint any image that I find offensive or disturbing.

I am unable to paint areas of broken or infected skin.  This includes: open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, conjunctivitis, heavy cold/ runny nose, sunburn, bruised areas or any other infected skin.  I can usually adapt a design around areas such as a grazed chin.

I have a portfolio of 70+ designs.  If you know you would like something a little out of the ordinary, then please send me a message beforehand so I can either get an image or have a practice.  I try to accommodate all requests, but sometimes the internet connection will not allow access to Google images which leaves me a little stuck!

I reserve the right to leave without refunding any monies in the event of extreme working conditions which have been brought to the attention of the organisers and are continuing to happen.  This includes, but is not limited to; violence, extreme inappropriate behaviour of either a child, pet or adult, illegal activities or otherwise dangerous conditions.

I only use professional water based facepaints which are EU & FDA cosmetically approved.  I also only use cosmetic grade glitters.  I am not responsible for any allergic reactions.  If you are in any doubt, then I will perform a patch test.

All paints are able to be washed off using soap and water (see removal instructions for more specific information).  Occasionally, paint can linger in the pores – particularly in drier skin.  Please be aware of this and follow the removal instructions.

I am as careful as possible, but paints can sometimes be spilt on clothing or property.  99% of the time, facepaint washes out of clothing using a biological detergent and by following the normal washing instructions.  I am not responsible for any damage to clothing or property.


And there we have it!  It looks like a scary list!  And it makes me sound so mean, which I’m not.  Some of the terms are determined from my insurance company, some have cropped up over my time facepainting and some I hope will never happen – but at least we know where we both stand if it is all written down and agreed.

I look forward to painting at your event.