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The question I get asked quite a lot is how should facepaints be removed, so I now include detailed instructions on my business cards to help you all out:

1) Smaller designs can often be removed with baby wipes.

2) Facepaints are water-based so the best way to remove them are using soap and water.  Baby shampoo works well as a soap substitute especially in younger children due to its ‘no more tears’ formula.

3) Lather the soap and water on to the painted area, and create a muck paste.  It will look worse before it looks better – don’t panic!

4) Wipe away the paste using a old or dark coloured, damp washcloth.

5) Facepaint usually comes away easily on the first wash and wipe, however some pigments can linger in the pores of the skin – particularly if the skin is drier.  If this does happen, then apply moisturiser to the effected areas and leave it for 15-30 minutes.

6) Repeat the removal process.

7) It is not recommended to leave facepaint on overnight.

8) Please don’t scrub at a childs face as they won’t like it, and you might actually prolong the removal process by doing that.  Babywipes can push the paint further in to the pores and make it harder to remove. I use babywipes frequently to remove paint from myself and my daughter, but I don’t scrub at the skin.

9) If the paint is close to the eye area, then make up remover can be used on a cotton pad as this is a gentle way of removing the paint.


Hope that helps!