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Facepainting info

I paint approximately 10-12 faces per hour – depending on the complexity of the design.  I don’t like to leave children disappointed at a party – so please bear in mind how fast I work when deciding how long to book me for.  Please also help me to keep my chair filled as its wasted time when the chair is empty.

I have a portfolio of 70+ designs that I know by heart, from the usual butterflies & tigers to cyborgs & unicorns.  I am more than happy to try any special requests – but I do usually need a picture to copy from.  Luckily google images are often portable these days so I can comply with most requests – but if you know that someone has a special idea please send me a message beforehand so that I can have a little practice of it.

All of my facepaints are professional water-based paints and are EU & FDA approved for cosmetic and toy usage.  They are suitable for sensitive skin, but if you are in any doubt then I would prefer to give a patch test on the back of the hand or arm and monitor that before painting a face.  I mainly use PartyXplosions, TAG, DFX & superstar paints, as after much practice I have found these to be the most vibrant colours, with good skin coverage – but that also wash off easily too.  I have LOTS of paints!  More than 100 shades including, neons, shimmers, vibrant colours, metallic and glitters.  Check out my kit page for pictures and more info!

I paint for any event – birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries etc.  I also paint at galas and corporate events – please pass on my details if you hear of anyone looking for a facepainter.